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Information for students on living in a Homestay

Homestay is a wonderful way for students to improve their English, learn more about Canadian culture and meet wonderful new people. Younger students will benefit from Homestay, as families will provide guidance and supervision. Students interested in living in a Homestay must stay for at least a two week period. 

A Homestay family provides so much more than room and board. The family provides a warm and caring environment for the student. The family includes the student in activities on a regular basis. A host family introduces the student to their new community and assists them learn about Canadian culture. 

The students are expected to act as respectful guests. Each family will have basic requests that have been approved by us. We will introduce the student to the Canadian host family. We will also meet students at the airport and assist students with their needs. There are many details that we are happy to cater to in order for each student to feel as safe as possible during their time in Canada. 

You will reside in a private room, furnished with a bed, desk, dresser and closet space. Students will be responsible for their own laundry and keeping their room clean. They are also expected to help around the house with small chores as any other family member. Two meals will be provided on a daily basis. The students are responsible for their own lunch and snacks. It is a wonderful idea to bring your host family a small gift representing your country.

We would also like to remind students that Homestay accommodation is not like hotel accommodation.
Students must give Homestay families 2 weeks notice or they will lose their Homestay payment if they choose to leave sooner.

Our Rates:


For Students 18 and over only


Toronto and Vancouver only!


Homestay placement fee: $200.00 CAD

Airport Pick-up $100.00 CAD 

Airport Round Trip $150.00 CAD

Homestay ( 4 weeks ) $900.00 CAD 
(includes 2 meals)

What not to expect? 

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